Irgendwann, dann – ein utopischer Dokumentarfilm über feministische Zukunftszenarien


An utopian documentary filmin development


What if the male contraceptive pill came on the market in 2022?

What if, by 2071, Gender Pay Gap Day has become obsolete?

What if a woman became pope in 2120?

SOMEDAY stellt diese Fragen und entwirft Zukunftsszenarien für eine Welt, in der sich feministische Forderungen überholt haben werden. In sieben Zeitsprüngen nähern wir uns in SHOWTIME, einem eigens entwickelten Sendungsformat, jenem Jahr, in dem laut Global Gender Gap Report 2020 weltweit Geschlechtergerechtigkeit erreicht sein wird: nämlich 2296.

SHOWTIME frames the experiences of the protagonists and functions as a meta-level: Third-party and archive material illustrate the absurdity of gender attributions, play with them humorously and turn them into their opposite. The real and the fictional become fused, role clichés crumble, viewers look in the mirror and realize: I, too, am not free of gender bias.

The fictional scenes form a contrast to the present, in which a feminist artist draws attention to social shortcomings with huge embroidered construction site safety nets. As long as equality is a perpetual building site, I will be a feministis applied in traditional cross-stitch and installed in a classically male-dominated public space: the construction site.

We meet our protagonists around these construction sites of gender injustice and accompany their everyday lives: We get to know a crane contractor, an architecture student, a scaffolder and the retired ballet director of the Vienna State Opera and discuss three main themes with them that will be defined in the course of further project development - such as WORK, RELIGION and SEX. A cinematic journey between Klagenfurt and Tel Aviv, Krakow and Rabat - and at the same time a journey through time leading up to the distant year of gender parity.

SOMEDAY focuses on good news:
What have we accomplished already? Where do we still have to go? And how should we do that?

Come join us in spreading equality!


Karin Berghammer & Ina Ivanceanu

Ferdinand Cibulka

Barbara Eppensteiner

Franziska Aringer


Karin Berghammer | berg hammer film

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