We tell moving stories with a flap of wings.
We like raspberry ice cream with chili sauce and old cheese with fig mustard.
We dive deep into topics and are not afraid to get straight down to the nitty-gritty.
We descend into depths in order to take off.
We live the contradiction.
We look for the unknown and read between the lines.
What we find most interesting is what doesn't exist, because it does!
We follow the thread and celebrate every detour.
We are basically well behaved (but not afraid to get over it).
We are passionate about pathos and thrilled with disassembly.
We cherish life. And death, we fear, as do you.


ALLER ANFANG | Erstausstrahlung

ALLER ANFANG Der Weg der Hebammen ERSTAUSSTRAHLUNG am Sonntag, 20.12.2020 um 23.05 Uhr auf innerhalb der Reihe dokFilm Hebammen begleiten den Weg ins Leben, unterstützen bei der Vorbereitung

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