Top Sekret

Second shooting phase: sperm in Bavaria

In the first shooting phase of our new TV documentary TOP SEKRET (director: Karin Berghammer) we got close to the bodily fluids  breast milkblood and semen with an electron microscope – after this first immersion in the fluids we now follow the sperm to Bavaria!

In addition to researching the valuable bodily fluids, we talk to donors and recipients, but also to people for whom handling the bodily fluids of others and wearing face masks has long been part of everyday life.

Director Karin Berghammer | Script & Production Barbara Eppensteiner | After an idea from Irini Athanassakis | Script Advisor Andrea Ernst | Assistant Director & 2nd Camera Zorah Berghammer | DoP Caroline Bobek, aac | Additional Camera Ede Müller | Sound Engineers Lenka Mikulová, Ken Rischard | Additional Sound Engineer Patrick Gasada | Editor Gernot Grassl, aea | | Composition Christof Dienz | Sound Editing, Sounddesign & Sound Mixing Georg Tomandl | Color Grading Johannes Püller | Production & Editing Assistant Franziska Aringer | Transcripts Christina BachmannMaurice Chales de Beaulieu | Title & Graphics Eni Brandner | Press Ines Kaizik-Kratzmüller, IJK presse + marketing

Production berg hammer film | in Co-production with ORF & BR

Karin Berghammer | berg hammer film

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