midwives – a global perspective on childbirth

midwives – a global perspective on childbirth records the views of midwives from 23 different countries on a variety of issues that effect pregnancy and childbirth throughout the world.

The midwives discuss how their culture influences the way in which women give birth and how midwives practice. They give insight into the impact of female genital mutilation and its effects on labour, about women giving birth in concentration camps and they give us a glimpse of the magic that surrounds the birth of a baby. The midwives share their fascinating personal stories, their superstitions and their belief systems. They explain how they have organised the midwifery profession in their country to gain political support and influence.

Their stories are a very colorful range of the extremly differing thoughts and experiences that exist within the one and same profession of midwifery.

Documentary |  60 min |  AT, PH, NL  | 2002

DVD: Engl OV with German subtitles & Engl. OV



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