funding approval

Our children's film project HEART BEATS has received a grant for script development from ÖFI !
And almost at the same time writer & director Johanna Lietha got a spot in the script development program CINEKID SCRIPT LAB . 

We are looking forward to further developing the material together with Johanna Lietha and Wolfgang Widerhofer as dramaturge.

HEART BEATS tells the story of 11-year-old Lia and her plan, in collaboration with her patchwork sister Pauline, to sabotage the relationship of her parents, who have just moved in together. In the process, Lia discovers her special rhythmic-musical talent and makes new friends. She grows closer to Pauline, who was initially only a means to an end for her, and learns to deal with her anger.

Written & Directed by Johanna Lietha | Script Consultant Wolfgang Widerhofer  | Producer Karin Berghammer
Production manager Barbara Eppensteiner | Production Assistant Franziska Aringer
Production berg hammer film ltd.
berg hammer film logo
Story development supported by Österreichisches Filminstitut
Participation at CINEKID SCRIPT LAB 22/23